Monitoring and Results Measurement

There is an increasing demand for solid results measurement.  The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) has developed a practical framework, based on proven good practice, which enables programs to Monitor and Measure Results (MRM), in order to to improve program performance and communicate credible results.

Why is MRM that important for MSD? 

Monitoring what works and what doesn’t, and why, is crucial. MSD implies adaptive management, and to adapt one needs information.  Given the indirect intervention approach, programs need to assess attribution to be able to report impact at target beneficiaries’ level.  MSD requires a culture of learning.  An integrated MRM system helps to do that, it offers a process and structure that makes MRM doable and useful.

Hans’ experience and services

Hans has been actively involved in the development of the DCED Standard from the beginning; as a consultant with the pioneering group in early 2008, as a trainer conducting the first DCED course in 2009 and as a certified auditor conducting the first-ever DCED audit in 2011.  Hans has developed and conducted several courses and workshops in Asia, Africa and Europe since 2010. 



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