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Market Systems Development

Market Systems Development (MSD), also known as Making Markets Work for the Poor (MMW4P), aims to develop business innovations that help businesses to grow, thereby creating market driven sustainable solutions for the poor, whether suppliers, employees or consumers.  MSD programs partner with private and public actors, providing them with technical expertise, access to networks and funds.  

What’s the difference between Market System Development (MSD) and Value Chain Development (VCD)?

In theory, very little.  VCD often focusses on one value chain within one sector, MSD usually targets the entire sector.  In practice, VCD is too often limited to entry points in the value chain or near the target beneficiaries, whereas MSD projects partner with several companies, often further away from the target beneficiaries.

Hans’ experience and services

Hans started to work in Value Chain Development (VCD) in 2001 at a time when there was very little experience with VCD.  He developed good practices by learning-by-doing, and later developed training courses in value chain development, value chain facilitation and value chain finance.  These courses were in high demand, and many practitioners apply the knowledge and skills gained through these courses. Hans gradually shifted to apply the MSD approach, and developed a very practical course with Opportunity Unlimited in 2010: Market Systems Development

Hans has more than ten years of experience in analyzing sectors, developing strategies and designing interventions. More importantly, he trains and coaches people doing that themselves.

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