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More work to be done. A slide deck on how to do that.


Are you also concerned with unemployment rates? Are you also often disappointed with programs’ impact on under- and unemployment?  Do you wish to make a difference for your target group? Then take 30 minutes to scan this slide deck that will help you design and steer employment programs better.

In simple language, it takes you through why employment needs to be decent and inclusive, how to start, how to monitor results and a number of key frequently asked questions and focus areas.

A slide deck developed for the Economy and Education (E+E) division of the Swiss Development and Cooperation SDC 

September 2023

Productivity indicators are no proxy for target group’s well-being

Low productivity is often a key constraint in many sectors. Yet, sector productivity is rarely a good indicator for improved livelihoods of target groups. It says nothing about the root causes of low productivity and it says nothing about the resulting benefits of increased sector productivity. A systemic approach is needed, defining relevant sector and target group performance indicators to assess why root causes change and how that affects the target groups’ well-being.

A guidance paper developed for the Economy and Education (E+E) division of the Swiss Development and Cooperation SDC 

September 2023

System Change.

We have made progress!


Have a look the new slide deck that highlights three core elements of the 'pragmatic approach to assessing system change'.  You'll find easy to read  - and use - information how to develop your strategy, how to use the helicopter lens to assess system changes and how to use that information to review your strategy.

Make use of our offer of help-desk sessions in February (16th - 21st and two on 22nd) and March (1st and two on 7th) to address your questions and help you get started. To attend a one hour help-desk session, all you need to do is to choose a date , get familiar with the slide deck and prepare yourself with questions. It’s free of charge, no strings attached. There are limited spaces and it’s first come first served.

Join the webinar on 3rd March where the emphasis will be on understanding system-wide change by applying a ‘helicopter lens’ and using that information to adapt strategies. Three panelists will discuss why they began, what they have done in practice, and how assessing system change has helped them.

You may also to read the blogs on System change and Resilience from our blog page.

All of the above is also posted at the BEAM resource pages that have been created for your convenience.

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