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Hans started his international career in 1986 as a trainer-manager in Botswana, moved on to Zambia where he worked as the team leader of a rural enterprise development project. He then managed to do his Dutch MBA in two years, where after he worked in Mozambique as the program coordinator of two enterprise development programs. In 1999, he returned to the Netherlands to set up his own consulting company (HPC).

His skills

Hans is best described as a business consultant who has developed strong analytical and business development skills with an ability to oversee and analyze complex situations. He takes a participatory approach and prepares himself thoroughly for new missions and new challenges.

His approach

Hans started as a trainer and sharing knowledge is still his major drive in his work as trainer consultant. He facilitates people to understand their specific situation and learn from their and other peoples experiences. Providing relevant information to clients, for them to decide and make choices. Rather than impressing people with theories, he prefers to apply these theories in a practical and down-to-earth-manner. As an advisor he is not there to make things happen but to ensure that people make things happen. Enterprises are the engines for economic and social development.

A one-man-company

Hans Posthumus Consultancy started as a one-man-company and wishes to remain a one-man-company. Hans prefers to grow in terms of knowledge and experience rather than in terms of turnover and number of employees. Since he believes that people are the main assets of any undertaking he considers his knowledge, experience and attitude to be his main market values. Running a one-man-company does not imply operating in isolation, rather the opposite. Hans has an extensive network of individual consultants, firms and institutions with which he shares knowledge and cooperates

Contact Me

Prof v d Veldenstraat 8
5427ST Boekel The Netherlands

Phone+31 492 329 458. Cell: +31 616 516 453

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