The Mazi group

The Mazi Group is a consortium of five consultants working in private sector development with a network of consultants worldwide for selected assignments.  We specialize in market systems development (MSD) and monitoring and results measurement (MRM). With experience in over 60 countries, we are a premier resource in market systems development. Our clients include donors, governments, programs, consulting firms, NGOs, INGOs and businesses.  


What we do

Our services span the spectrum from advice on country and thematic strategies through to support for improving specific aspects of program implementation.  We assist donors and programs in research for design, program design, strategy development, intervention design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptive management.  Our services include technical assistance, advice, training, coaching, mentoring, learning facilitation and knowledge management and review. We provide tailored assistance that helps programs to concretely improve their effectiveness. Many assignments turn into long-term relationships as clients seek our advice and support to drive programs forward and increase sustainable and inclusive results.


Who we are

The Mazi Group is comprised of Miehlbradt Consulting Limited (Aly Miehlbradt), Opportunities Unlimited (Harald Bekkers and Nabanita Sen Bekkers), Phitcha Wanitphon, Hans Posthumus Consultancy (Hans Posthumus),   

Each of The Mazi Group members has extensive experience in inclusive market systems development. Our experience covers a wide variety of sectors, including tourism, manufacturing, business services, financial services, vocational education, local economic development, trade facilitation, logistics, housing and agriculture.  We also have expertise in cross-cutting issues, particularly women’s economic empowerment.  As individuals and as a team, we relish the opportunity to creatively apply market systems development principles to complex markets in different settings, always with the end goal of including and benefiting low-income women and men.

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Aly Miehlbradt

Alexandra Miehlbradt (Aly) has worked in private sector development for over 25 years as an implementer, consultant, researcher and trainer.  She has been involved in market systems development since the approach emerged in the early 2000s and has made important contributions to both theory and practice, particularly related to business service markets, inclusion, results measurement and adaptive management. Aly is a leader in the global effort to improve monitoring and results measurement and the effective use of information in PSD.  She has helped a wide-variety of organizations develop strategies, design interventions, monitor results and integrate lessons into program improvements. Aly has written a variety of widely used publications on market systems development and on results measurement with an emphasis on adaptive management. Aly is known for her client-centered technical assistance, backstopping, design, documentation, review and strategic advisory services, as well as effective knowledge management, training and facilitation.   She opened Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd in 2008 building on 10 previous years of independent consulting. 

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Harald Bekkers

Harald Bekkers has close to 20 years of experience in engaging the private sector for development outcomes, as an academic and as a development professional.  Harald graduated from Wageningen University and Research in 1997.  After completing a Ph.D. at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research on the role of business development services in India in 2005, he joined the Katalyst Market Systems Development (MSD) program in Bangladesh. In 2008 Harald started his own consultancy business with a focus on strategy and design, management and HRD, and results measurement.  In 2011 Harald helped launch the Market Development Facility (MDF) and, as the Team Leader, led its expansion into a unique multi-country Facility, active in five countries in Asia and the Pacific. In 2018 Harald returned to consulting. Harald is interested in harnessing the energy of the private sector and commercial finance to achieve development outcomes in relation to poverty and inclusion, women’s economic empowerment, youth employment, nutrition, urbanization and climate change.  He enjoys making MSD work in unconventional markets.


Phitcha Wanitphon

Phitcha Wanitphon has 10 years of experience in the private sector and 14 years in private sector development.  Before joining the development profession, he worked with the largest Thai industrial conglomerate and was responsible for domestic and international sales and marketing.  After that, Phitcha managed GIZ’s Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness, a market development programme, for 6 years (2005-2011) as a resident manager and Deputy Program Director.  In this role, he supervised the design of new interventions, ensuring that these were sustainable and demonstrated how they will achieve impact.  Phitcha piloted and contributed to the development of the DCED Standard for Results Measurement in 2008.  Since becoming an independent consultant in 2011, Phitcha has established a reputation as a highly effective technical adviser. He has helped a wide variety of organisations improve their monitoring, better use information in decision making and report more credibly to their stakeholders. Phitcha is also a certified auditor for the DCED Standard on Results Measurement. He has conducted numerous training courses on the DCED Standard and has undertaken many audits.

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Nabanita Sen Bekkers

Nabanita Sen Bekkers has more than 12 years of professional experience in market systems development in a varied mix of programs working in different sectors, such as financial inclusion, trade facilitation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), skills development, local economic development, business enabling environment, agriculture and industrial sectors.  She worked in the Katalyst project in Bangladesh from 2006 to 2009. After that, Nabanita worked in Swisscontact South Asia Regional Office in a senior managerial role where she was in charge of building, implementing and managing a portfolio of several projects using the MSD approach in skills development, urban healthcare and rural enterprise development.  Nabanita now works as a consultant providing both long-term and short-term support to projects across Asia, Africa and the Pacific. She has a strong background in statistics and research and follows the principle of applying results measurement as a management tool to help steer projects. 


Hans Posthumus

Hans Posthumus has been working in private sector development as a resident manager in Southern Africa (1985-1998) and as a consultant, trainer, coach and researcher around the globe since 1999.  Hans likes to pioneer: he developed courses in value chain and market systems development in the early 2000s and was part of the design and roll out of the DCED Standard for results measurement in 2008.  Hans has led teams and supported programs to conduct market assessments, develop portfolios, outline market strategies and design interventions, and he has coached programs to review and revise them.  Hans has written several practical guides and case studies on system development and results measurement. Hans has had a number of long-term advisory arrangements with market systems development programs. Hans is also member of the backstopping mission to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on market systems development and results measurement. Hans is best described as a consultant who has developed strong analytical and business development skills with an ability to oversee and analyze complex situations.  He takes a participatory approach and facilitates people to understand their specific situation by providing relevant information to clients, for them to make choices.